An introduction to the life and artwork of andy warhol

He is known especially for his silkscreened paintings and experimental films but also for the innovative and controversial ways in which he merged the worlds of art and commerce. Born in in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to working-class immigrants from present-day Slovakia, Warhol was a sickly child with more than a passing interest in celebrities and other mass cultural forms. InWarhol moved to New York, where he established himself as a successful commercial artist, producing illustrations for clients primarily in the fashion industry.

An introduction to the life and artwork of andy warhol

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any type of essay. Andy was the youngest of three children. Both of his parents were immigrants from Czechoslovakia. As a child, Andy was very artistic and creative which was encouraged greatly by his mother TheArtStory.

He had social issues which kept Andy at home most of his childhood, but he graduated high school at the age of sixteen. Warhol started his career in New York City shortly after he graduated from college.

His artwork was exhibited in many different places around New York City.

An introduction to the life and artwork of andy warhol

After being shot in the lung, Warhol was pronounced clinically dead when he arrived at the hospital and was operated on for five and a half hours and was revived Warholstars.

Andy eventually died from complications after gull bladder surgery. His work was a major contribution to the movement of pop art in the nineteen fifties. He embraced pop culture into his artwork so that it would seem more appealing to the public.

Another well-known painting from Warhol is his painting of Marilyn Monroe. He created this piece by screen printing because he wanted to be able to create paintings quicker Shilling.

Working for these major companies helped Andy create a name for himself and gave him the exposure he needed to win awards from the Art Directors Club.

Warhol loved celebrities and had many influential people always around him. This helped him achieve the public status he desired.

Andy was highly influenced by the pop culture around him.

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Much of his work is representative of the famous celebrities and politicians from his time. When incorporating celebrities into his work, Andy worked like a plastic surgeon, tightening skins, straightening noses, and smoothing out wrinkles Hackett.

Warhol used his artwork to express what he thought about politics. He painted a picture of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong in response to the communist government in China.

Andy Warhol was one of the first artists to use screen printing. He started this process to make it easier to create mass media.

He liked this technique because he could create the same image over and over in different colors. In silk-screening a stencil is placed on a sheet of silk and ink is pushed through to create the image.

Over the years, different materials have been switched in and out of this process for improvement. The materials that Warhol used for his silk-screening were acrylic paint and silk-screen ink on a canvas.

Eventually he got his own studio which made producing his work much easier. Along with screen-printing Warhol was also known for his paintings and films. In his paintings, Warhol used abstract expressionism but then later switched to the opposite where the strokes from the paintbrush were not visible.

In nineteen sixty-five, Warhol decided to stop painting, even though he still created some paintings throughout the rest of his life, and focus on his film career TheArtStory. Along with his paintings, screenings, and films, Warhol also published many books and founded a magazine.

Warhol loved living a glamourous life and befriended many celebrities which are depicted in his works.

An introduction to the life and artwork of andy warhol

When Andy began screen-printing, he used this technique to recreate and mass produce the same pictures, in different colors, of a Campbells soup can, Coca-Cola bottles, and match boxes.

He used everyday objects but made society view them as art. It is rumored that Warhol chose the Campbells soup can because that is what he ate every single day TheArtStory.

During his life time Warhol was so successful because he painted abstract objects that he knew would appeal to the popular culture and would appeal to the audience he was aiming to reach.Andy Warhol, the famous American artist, was born on Monday, August 6, He is considered a pioneer of “Pop Art” which was an art movement during s.

The movement started in Britain during the mids and was initiated in America in the latter part of the s. Richly illustrated with both his art works and materials from his archives, it is valuable as a biography and as an introduction to Warhol’s artistic career.

Colacello, Bob. Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up. This lesson introduces basic concepts and terminology relating to color theory using Andy Warhol’s screen print imagery as examples. Students will learn the basics of Warhol’s unique underpainting and printing process through a demonstration video.

Watch video · Warhol spoke to this apparent contradiction between his life and work in his book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, writing that "making money is art .

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