Asia business report bbc farsi

Printable version Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl Private schools in Pakistan's troubled north-western Swat district have been ordered to close in a Taleban edict banning girls' education.

Asia business report bbc farsi

Due to the ban on foreign reporters in Iran, the news service currently relies on a significant amount of user-generated content, often taken with mobile phones. It became the channel that extensively covered the events for the Iranians inside Iran. Outside of Iran, the channel was therefore recognised accordingly.

On 4 NovemberBBC Persian TV was honoured for the "Clearest coverage of a single news event — television" by the Association for International Broadcasting at its annual global media excellence awards at a gala event in London, England.

The award was for "the elections that shook Iran".

asia business report bbc farsi

It was named best news channel for its portrayal of unbiased news in a complex and fast-moving environment. Jamal comes from Afghanistan although he grew up and studied in Iran. She was three years old when her family moved to Iran in the wake of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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She began her broadcast career in as the presenter of a daily science programme for Iranian television. In December Farnaz emigrated to the Netherlands with her family, where she joined several other Iranian journalists to start the news website Roozonline.

She joined BBC Persian in as a radio correspondent. She has produced and presented news and feature programmes, most notably Your Voice and Seventh Day. Soltanpour studied finance in Montreal, Canada and for 10 years worked in banks and investment firms in Toronto, Canada.

InNader left finance and turned Persian Voice into Canada's first nightly Persian language radio programme.

Inhe joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a copy writer and producer for The World Report, Canada's most-listened-to morning news programme.Iran (Persian: ایران ‎ Irān [ʔiːˈɾɒːn]), also known as Persia (/ ˈ p ɜːr ʒ ə /), officially the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: جمهوری اسلامی ایران ‎ Jomhuri-ye Eslāmi-ye Irān), is a country in Western Asia.

Economic Indicators for Afghanistan including actual values, historical data charts, an economic calendar, time-series statistics, business news, long term forecasts and short-term predictions for Afghanistan economy. Studi e ricerche 1 — Linea diretta con l’Asia Fare business a Oriente a cura di Tiziana Lippiello, Raffella Orsini, Serafino Pitingaro, Antonella Piva.

Asia Business Report. likes. Asia Business Report is a business news programme produced by the BBC and is shown on BBC World News during the Asian. The BBC's Farsi-language service is not authorized to operate in Iran, and working for the network is against the law. The BBC says Tehran also blocks its broadcasts into the country.

Interview on Iran with Andre Vltchek. Stories will be invented or turned hyperbolic. The Farsi services of Western government radio stations like the BBC will get extra funding and will be working day and night to divide Iranian society.

asia business report bbc farsi

(but one open to Western business and geopolitical interests), like Indonesia or Uganda or other.

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