British airways strengths and weaknesses

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British airways strengths and weaknesses

British airways strengths and weaknesses

International Marketing of British Airways 1. Introduction The British Airways has gone through different phases in its development. The airline was established in September in a both international and domestic air transport industry.

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Inthe airline was privatized during a type the airline was almost getting bankrupt as directed by the Labor Government of London. In addition, it was declared recently as the airline that has reduced the greenhouse gases immensely as well as allowing the passengers to print their online boarding passes.

Besides being affected by the Great Recession between andthe airline has recovered and gained market control again. British Airways Current Strategies The British Airways has embarked on strategic formulation that is expected to earn the airline a competitive advantage in the market today Michel,p.

Currently, the airline is integration the new technology in the airline industry in mobile and computer accessible databases. Introduction of mobile applications for the business class users of the airline. In addition, the airline is structuring the ability to send and receive text messages during the on-flight hours to the business class customers.

Market Target and Positioning The industry has worked on strategic approach to the market analysis of the airline industry by identifying the target regions. In addition, the airline has structured a diverse buying preference, identification of the industrial structures and strategies to gain competitive advantage in the competitive business environment.

These factors have been identified and analyzed broadly in the market mix John,p. The differentiated marketing strategy defines the process by which the organization targets varying segments of the market in developing the distinct products in the market or the services with differentiated marketing options for the customers.

The growth strategies in the market refers to the paths the organization maximizes on in growth by focusing on new or existing product in the new or existing market Christoph,p. Political The air control measures security concern has been the main political factor that influences the airline industry since the September 11 attack.


In addition, the air industry is fragile when the issues such terrorism are concerned. In addition, there are a number of regulations that influences the schedule the airline is supposed to have in the running of its activities John,p. It is noted that, the oversea travels require permit and compliance to certain airline standards that the British Airways is subject to.

Furthermore, the security concern is not only important to the government authorities, but the customers require an airline they feel they are secure. This shows the need for compliance with the security standards.

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Economic The global economic crisis that hit the world between and had great effects on the airline industry. As the world is recovering from the shock, the economic growth has continued rising. The fluctuation in the oil prices has also affected the airline industry.

In addition, there has been weaknesses in the pound against the Euro. However, the British Airways has encountered high growth even in the harsh economic environment Nigel, et al. Social The British Airways has social impact both the United Kingdom and other regions where the airline operates.

With the population of the Britain being those who are aging, there has also high level of unemployment in the society that has not been experienced before during the Great Recession. The British airways has benefited from the aging population who are willing to travel in other countries for tourism after the retirement.

With high unemployment rate, the competition in the market is high due to reduced number of customers. This indicates that the airline requires changes and strategic moves to ensure it remains competitive in the increasingly competitive environment John,p.

Technology This is the most revolutionized sector in the airline industry. The airline has seen great growth where customers can do the booking through the online platform.

In addition, it is a strategic marketing tool where the airline can formulate a structure of marketing through mobile applications and online. In addition, the online platform has enabled the consumers to compare flight prices in the leading airlines before making a decision on the airline to use.

The legislation are affecting the industry due to lack of the land to expand the airline that is nowadays overcrowded.

The legislations and policies being introduced are increasing the operation cost of the British Airways hence the need to identify their impact on the airline cost.Dec 10,  · I am writing a SWOT analysis for British Airways and cant think of any weaknesses, I know they are a good company but they must have some!

Any help is much Resolved.

Who can edit: The airline travel industry is becoming progressively controlled.
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Blog Archive This airline is owned by the British government and it operates huge number of flights on its domestic and international destinations.
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Tarea corta: 1) You have decided to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper regarding recycling bins.

The beginning and the ending of the letter have been done for you. Add words. Sir, I was extremely pleased when our local council eventually placed special bins in the area to. The British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the UK.

Its headquarters is at the waterside near the main hub in London, Heathrow Airport. Its second hub is at London Gatwick Airport. British Airways Media. is the commercial hub for British Airways. It is where flights and holidays are booked, check-ins completed and frequent flyers log in.

BA strive to know its customers best, delivering the exact BA passenger to an advertiser using rich first party data. It took two and a half hours to reach Le Bourget. Shortly afterwards, two more British companies started services to Paris, and to Brussels.

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