Can the current situation in israel and palestine be compared to apartheid

Minor typo at the end Palestinians rely on employment in Israel do to the economic failures and corruption The word should be "due", NOT "do".

Can the current situation in israel and palestine be compared to apartheid

Both situations are so different that when one examines the situation one can note major differences. The idea of using this comparison is to delegitimize Israel's right to exist within secure and recognized borders and to justify the Palestinian methods of terror in order to destroy Israel.

In apartheid South Africa prior to before the first democratic elections in South Africa 's history, there was this odious apartheid system.

Its main purpose was to maintain white minority rule at all costs and to keep the black majority disenfranchised and without basic human rights. These blacks were a reservoir of cheap labour to operate the white economy and to ensure white prosperity at their expense.

Blacks had suffered immense injustice under this system. White South African Government spending on black education and their general community welfare was minimal. The gap between the black situation then and slavery was not very large. Social intercourse between whites and blacks in those days was a relationship between the white master and the black, underpaid servant.

The situation for non-white people was intolerable and even cruel. It was against the law for Blacks to travel freely in the country of their birth except if they had a pass dompas from the white authorities. These people were not terrorists. They were not people who threatened the whites in any way.

Can the current situation in israel and palestine be compared to apartheid

Denial of their basic human rights was commonplace. There was the dreaded Immorality Act, which prevented mixed marriages and sex beyond the colour bar. Those who contravened the law were imprisoned.

Can the current situation in israel and palestine be compared to apartheid

There were separate public facilities for blacks and whites. Laws forbade blacks to eat in white restaurants. Separate transport facilities, which resulted in overcrowded conditions in buses and trains, were part of this evil, cruel system.

It was common to see police officers abusing and ill treating blacks for not having their pass identity or reference book on their person when being searched. The police pushed them into the back of the police van, and drove them to the police station where they spent a night in the lock up cell.

Usually their white employers bailed out these unfortunate persons when they produced a permit that they were in his employ legally. Blacks could not purchase property in white areas, as this was a contravention of the notorious Group Areas Act. Anybody who opposed the apartheid system in those days — especially if he was black — was accused of being an agitator or communist.

The police arrested him for 90 days without trial or recourse to a lawyer.

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This was increased later to days detention and the police officer even had the power to keep a person imprisoned indefinitely without trial.The comparison between Israel and apartheid South Africa shows total ignorance of the situation in both countries.

After having been born and educated in apartheid South Africa and having opposed apartheid and racism all my life, I have come to realize how false and stupid this comparison really is. United States Institute of Peace. The Current Situation: Israel, The Palestinian Territories, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Mar 31,  · Those who accuse Israel of apartheid — some even say, “worse than apartheid” — have forgotten what actual apartheid was, or are ignorant, or malevolent. The differences begin with “Israel proper,” as defined by the borders after the and wars, where Arabs are . Understand Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images. By Salim, Recent radio talk with Miko Peled on the current events in Israel and Gaza, The truth about Israel and Palestine, told by an honest Israeli Jew, the son of an Israeli Colonel and . The situation for Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel is often referred to as ‘apartheid’. But what does this mean? Is it accurate – and what about the comparison with South Africa? To look at these questions and more, read on. Earlier still, in , the United.

A USIP Fact Sheet Facing these challenges and their impact on broader U.S. national security interests, the current administration has identified this conflict as a diplomatic priority.

Many obstacles lie in the way, and like a wooden block game, one or more of Israel’s tactics could crash to the ground, undermining the Israeli government’s efforts to maintain an apartheid state.

Dr. Lieberfeld teaches in the Department of Government and Legal Studies at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

This article is based in part on his forthcoming book, Talking with the Enemy: Negotiation and Threat Perception in South Africa and Israel/Palestine (Praeger Publishers, ).

Comparing South African Apartheid to Israeli Apartheid. international community defined and ratified several conventions on apartheid. Israel as an apartheid state refers to between and and non-Jews in Israel/Palestine. Apartheid is an Afrikaner word which also means separation.

The term came into use in the ’s, and from. With regard to the situation within Israel itself, critics of the claim argue that Israel cannot be called an apartheid state because unlike South Africa, which enshrined its racial segregation policies in law, Israeli law is the same for Jewish citizens and other Israeli citizens, .

Comparison of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict with Apartheid South Africa