Drug store layout

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Drug store layout

New era in drug store design arrives August 19, August 19, by Chain Drug Review will be remembered as the year when the basic drug store format took several dramatic turns for the better, burying, perhaps forever, the vanilla-flavor format that has served chain drug retailing so adequately for so long.

Two of the newly unveiled formats — those by Duane Reade and Rite Aid — make a bold statement as to what its architects believe a chain drug store should stand for going forward.

The new Duane Reade model is all about daily living, as its architects define it in the second decade of the 21st century. The store turns on three pillars — a health care offering that includes the on-site presence of a physician as well as extensive consulting facilities; a sprawling beauty care assortment under the Look Boutique banner that Duane Reade has developed and popularized over the past year, a selection that includes a range of cosmetics brand not yet seen in a chain drug store as well as such salon services as manicures and hair blow-out treatments; and an array of daily living accessories that includes a juice bar, a sushi bar, an assortment of fresh food, natural products and such offerings as gluten-free products, as well as a variety of often overlooked or neglected services such as a shoeshine stand, a cell phone charging station that gives customers a secure way to charge their devices while shopping, and a prominently placed stock ticker to keep its clientele abreast of the latest share prices.

Additionally, the store offers the standard range of health and beauty care products, though it does so in an intimate and appealing stores-within-a-store environment that emphasizes assortment and utilizes signage that facilitates shopping by logically organizing and displaying the various product categories.

The new store has been an instant success. The 10,square-foot Rite Aid wellness store that recently opened in Mechanicsburg, Pa. More specifically, it seeks, with great success, to bring a personal approach to the task of educating customers about health care.

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Moreover, the pharmacy is a focal point for all manner of health care services: A computer located in a consultation room off the pharmacy provides access to Rite Aid Online Care, an interactive service that allows customers to speak live with pharmacists trained in various health issues; expanded clinical pharmacy services give patients access to pharmacists trained in medication therapy management, diabetes care and a range of immunizations; an expanded selection of such health and wellness products as organic and gluten-free food and beverages, homeopathic medicines, home health care products, health care literature and pet vitamins as well as a GNC nutritional department give customers a range of healthy options they have never before had in a drug store environment.

Though health care is obviously the primary focus of the new store, beauty care has not been forgotten. As an example, the beauty assortment has been located on the same side of the store as the pharmacy and O-T-C assortment, creating a dedicated wellness area.

Drug store layout

Observers have initially had more difficulty classifying the Walmart Express stores than they have had evaluating the Duane Reade and Rite Aid models. In part, this is due to the fact that each of the new formats differs slightly from the others.

For instance, a pharmacy, present in some units, is absent from others. So, too, is on-premises gasoline. Another source of confusion is that observers have been hard put to understand the role of the Walmart Express stores.

Have they been designed to compete with the dollar stores, a trade class many Walmart staffers believe is taking business away from the Walmart Supercenters and discount stores? Or have they been launched to compete with the chain drug stores they resemble in size and, to some degree, merchandise assortment?

Or are they expected to compete against both trade classes? Walmart very rarely does anything without a very good reason — even if that reason is not always initially evident to its competitors.At Harmons, we believe the tastes of our childhood can inspire foods both delicious and sophisticated.

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Drug store layout

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