Effect of increasing ph concentration on the germination and growth of mustard seeds essay

Days after sowing; GA3: Data shown is the mean of five replicates Figure 3. The highest values of growth parameters were attained at 90 DAS with the combination treatment, i.

Effect of increasing ph concentration on the germination and growth of mustard seeds essay

The enzyme inside the seeds will react differently when kept in different temperatures. Keep the test tubes in the same room with same room temperature. Spacing between the seeds To ensure equal growth of the seeds, so that the seeds do not compete for space. Volume of pH solution If the amount of solution poured in each Petri dish is different, the results obtained will be different and inaccurate because of different water absorption by the seeds.

Use a measuring cylinder to pour same volume of the solution in the Petri dish everyday. Size of the seeds If the seeds used are of different sizes, the rate of germination will be different resulting in inaccurate data. Use a graph paper to measure the size of the seeds.

Soak each Petri dish with the correct pH solution and label them correctly. Discussion With the investigation on the effect of acid rain on germination and growth of mustard seeds, our hypothesis of the experiment can be confirmed i.

This is due to the fact that optimum pH 7 for germination and growth of mustard seed is in neutral pH. The enzymes are all active and hence best growth results are obtained in this pH. If we compare the average root length on pH 4 with pH 3, we can see there is a big difference.

While pH 4 has an average root length of 0. Surprisingly pH 4 gave the worst result for the growth of root when compared to other pH. The fungal infection noticed in pH 3 in day 5 and 7 in pH 4 in day 7 is may be due to lack of moisture due to high concentration of acid rain that inhibited absorption of water.

Effect of increasing ph concentration on the germination and growth of mustard seeds essay

The enzymes are all active in pH 7 and hence the best result for shoot development is achieved in pH 7.

The average growth is 2. A positive result is shown as expected. The shoot growth rate has been affected because of the fungal infection.

The average number of leaves is the most in pH 7, and has shown a positive growth result overall. The average numbers of leaves are 19 for each seed.

The average numbers of leaves are less in pH 3 and 4 due to fungal infection. Conclusion Finally from table 6, we can see that the highest average stem length is in pH 7 2.

Fungal infection was observed in pH 3and 4 due to lack of moisture. After this analysis we can conclude that pH 7 showed best result in germination and growth and development of mustard seeds due to proportional development of root and shoot.

From this experiment on the effect of acid rain on germination of seed, the hypothesis I stated is justified to a certain extent as the mustard seeds grow faster with a neutral pH 7.

After conducting the experiment and looking at the observation, we can conclude that acid rain effects the growth of seeds and that a neutral pH helps in the germination of seeds faster and better.


Evaluation The result obtained by conducting the above experiment is accurate due to the following reasons: This was done to ensure that all the seeds get enough space to grow and was growing in the same environmental conditions. Therefore all the seeds had the same conditions to germinate and develop their features.

Therefore the growth of all the seeds measured was accurate. This will ensure the spacing between the seeds is sufficient enough and the seeds do not get disturbed while measuring their growth. This might create uneven competition for water absorbtion by the seeds for germination.

Environmental Protection Agency, n. Environmental Systems and Societies.

Effect of increasing ph concentration on the germination and growth of mustard seeds essay

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Effect of Increasing pH Concentration on the Germination and Growth of Mustard Seeds Essay Sample. Acid rain is caused by the presence of SOâ, NOâ which mixes with the atmospheric gases and in the soil which is emitted by human activities such as mining.

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