Essay on qualitative improvement in professional military education

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Essay on qualitative improvement in professional military education

Research leadership can be evidenced, for example, by inspiring respect as a researcher, or leading by example. Strategic vision and networking are demonstrated through furthering interests of the department across the university.

Collaborative and motivational leadership is demonstrated among others by honesty and integrity and openness. Fair and efficient management is evidenced by delegation, highly organised working of the department and getting things done with little resistance.

Developing and recognition of performance includes aspects such as praising and sustaining success of the staff of the department and giving good feedback to improve.

Interpersonal skills refer to communicating well and having concern for others. The objective of the study was to describe how the practice of academic leadership of the leaders interviewed fits in with the theoretical framework of effective academic leadership developed by RAMSDEN It also compares the academic leadership styles of the three leaders with each other to understand similarities and differences if any.

These points were kept in view while designing the questions in the interview schedule and conducting the interview. Having such a set interview schedule also enabled the comparison of responses of each of the three leaders: Hence a set open-ended interview schedule was used.

Two of these were demographic questions.

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The remaining eight questions related to each of the characteristics described above that are known to influence effectiveness of an academic leader as per studies by RAMSDEN and others. The questions were open ended. It was meant to get the leaders talking about their reflections on each of the characteristics of effective academic leadership.

Leadership is an area that has many aspects and open-ended questions were considered as the most appropriate way to gather responses of these leaders about aspects, which they consider important. For example, question number 3 of the interview schedule asked "Can you describe what you consider to be effective leadership in teaching?

Can you provide some examples? Each respondent was interviewed separately. All the respondents willingly agreed to give the interview. The responses were recorded under each question and these were read out to them after they had finished and they were asked if they would like to say anything more.

For each of the questions, respondents were requested to cite suitable examples from their practice of leadership. The intention was to know how the aspects of leadership considered important by them are brought into practice by them.

To protect identity of the respondents, in the following paragraph, they are identified as leader 1, leader 2 and leader 3.

Essay on qualitative improvement in professional military education

It was clarified to them that the data gathered would be used only for the purpose of this paper. KVALE describes five analysis methods that include 1 meaning condensation, 2 meaning categorisation, 3 narrative structuring, 4 meaning interpretation, and 5 generating meaning through ad hoc methods.

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PATTON also addresses a number of techniques for quantifying and analysing qualitative interview data. Depending on the purpose of interviewing one or more methods or a combination thereof could be used.

As the purpose of this study was to compare the meaning attached to the concept "academic leadership" by the three leaders, we used a combination of meaning categorisation and meaning interpretation methods. Briefly, this involved categorising words with meaning similar to those in the framework of the study and interpreting the "whole" meaning of language used by the leaders to describe their styles and the meaning they attached to "academic leadership".Purchase and Order custom essay writing from scratch.

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In “Rigor in Joint Professional Military Education,” Nick Murray argues that Congress and the Pentagon have done a poor job defining what it is they want the staff and war colleges to do and, especially, in holding their feet to the fire.

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