Freedom is my birth right

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Freedom is my birth right

Today is our festival of freedom. There are two quotations which are the basis of the sermon for today: The one from Thomas Jefferson: The date was June 7th, A group of thirteen men were gathered together in a small room and they were debating.

They represented the thirteen different colonies, and there was no unanimity among them. The debate was hot and furious, and finally there was a motion by Richard Henry Lee that said: The debate continued; it was intense; and the vote finally passed with the overwhelming majority It was a slim vote.

It was not a unanimous decision by any means. The Declaration was put before Congress on July 2nd,and it was ratified immediately by twelve of the states. But you needed thirteen, thirteen out of thirteen. It had to be unanimous for it to pass.

One state was holding out: On July 4th,it was finally unanimously ratified. And we then heard these Freedom is my birth right words which became etched into American history and into your personal history and mine: The Declaration of Independence continued: In the words, the Supreme Judge of the world, you feel the religious undertones of the Declaration.

The last words of Declaration of Independence are also memorable: All fifty six people who signed the Declaration gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Margaret Sanger was a pioneer in the struggle for a woman's right to birth control in an era when it was illegal to discuss the topic. She was arrested or charged with lawlessness many times for both her publications and her New York City clinics. Freedom is my birth right. So long as it is awake within me, I am not old. No weapon can cut this spirit, no fire can burn it, no water can wet it, no wind can dry it. The freedom guaranteed to me in the First Amendment to the Constitution that is most relevant to me personally would be freedom of speech, I am very opinionated and I have a lot to say, it does not always come out the way I want it to but I still get my point across.

Two were killed immediately in battle; five were soon captured and tortured by the British; twelve had their homes burned; nine others died of hardship related to the war. Francis Lewis of New York, who originally refused to sign the document, lost his home and his property and went into hiding.

The British could not find him, but they found his wife, and she died shortly thereafter in jail. Yes, he paid the price for freedom with the death of his wife. And then there was John Hart, from New Jersey, who hid in the woods as the British were attacking his home; and he hid nearby in a cave for a year, escaping his enemies.

When he finally came out, he discovered that his wife had died, and so, at the age of seventy, he went and joined the army to fight for freedom Yes, it is true; these people not only pledged their lives, fortunes and honor; they gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

The original fifty-six signatories set the pattern that men and women will sacrifice all for political freedom. But we are not only impressed with their integrity and sacrifice, we are also impressed by their deep commitment to God, to religion, to Jesus Christ, and the ideals of Christianity.

Their ideals, their Christian ideals, and the ideals of the French Enlightenment inspired democracy. All of these people were deeply religious men.

Freedom is my birth right

Democracy was born in the hearts and minds of religious people. For example, John Adams, who became the second President of the United States, wrote the following words to his wife, Abigail, on July 2nd, I am lead to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations on every anniversary festival.

It ought to be a commemoration as a day of deliverance with solemn acts of devotion to God. With solemn acts of devotion to God. Parades down the mainstreams? Yes, all of these things help us remember July 4th. But more important than these, according to John Adams, were solemn acts of devotion to Almighty God.

In other words, John Adams was a deeply religious man, and he commemorated July 4th with prayers of solemn thanksgiving to the Almighty.

It was not only John Adams who was devoutly religious. Jefferson said that the source of these now famous inalienable rights was God, who was the Supreme Judge of the world, the Divine Providence on whom we are to rely on for protection.Freedom is my birthright. So long as it is awake within me, I am not old.

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No weapon can cut this spirit, no fire can burn it, no water can wet it, no wind can dry it. I say further that no CID can burn it. I declare the same principle to the Superintendent of Police who is sitting before me, to the Collector who had been invited to attend this.

“Freedom is my birth Right” was thy song. Your dreams were big, aims infinite Fearless were you, nothing was there to fright The world is your oyster, you were the one For whom everything was destined to be won.

Every single instant was full of magic You were always kidding nothing was tragic. RAOUL MARTINEZ is a philosopher, artist, and award-winning initiativeblog.comng Freedom is his first book. It is informed by over a decade of research and is accompanied by a documentary series of the same name.

Episode One, The Lottery of Birth – produced, written and co-directed by Raoul – was nominated for Best Documentary at London’s Raindance Film Festival and went on to win the. Italian Constitution. In Italy the freedom of association is established in Article 18 of the Constitution, which states.

Citizens have the right to form associations freely and without authorization for those ends that are not forbidden by criminal law. Independence Day (India) ecard for all.

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