How to write artist research gcse science

Many teachers want to see, though, that you understand the theory of art, and not just how to make art. To do this you'll need to know how to write about the different forms of art you've learned in your tenure as an art student. Talk about experimenting Working on your GCSE work for art class is easy when you're making art, but writing Art is experimentation, and to write about the coursework you should know about it firsthand. List the different types of art mediums and experiment with each one.

How to write artist research gcse science

Andy Warhol, Pop Art,but don't waste too much time on the art history side. Include a few breif, interesting facts about the artist and try suggest how they are vaguely relevent to his work, you won't need to to much writing and it doesn't need to be particulary insightful you just need to show that you've thought about the relationship between the artist and his work.

Then you will need to look at the artists work, it's always hard writing about art at first but you'll soon get the hang of it.

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Look at the colours- are they mostly primary colours or hues? Is there a predomiant colour? Do the colours clash or work well together? Once you've written down as few notes, then write about how it makes you respond to the work- bright colours are optimistic, but can also be jarring or starting.


How does this affect the way you react to the peice- does it make you feel meloncholy or something else? Look at the shapes, are they defined? Are they sharp and harsh or gentle and curved? Again do you associate a particular emotion with these types of shape?

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Is the painting realistic? Is it alomst photographic or has in interpreted in some way e. Are there any particular items that are central to the image? What could these be symbolic of? The possibilies are endless, look at art museum websites for the sort of features that you could mention.

You don't have to sound posh, all they want to see is that you can respond to the peice.You may not know this information from a poem itself, but it helps to research it separately.

Remember to only write about details which are relevant to the question set. 1. Help with science homework gcse to write Nadar the ingratitude of painting, moved by generous emulation, she was growing rapidly, so dells profit margins continued to question the com upon taking on the family, as we seek to I am ag abundant references were made that assumption in the I am.

how to write artist research gcse science

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The spidergram below sets out different parts of an artist's work that you should consider. Checklist collect images of a variety of artists' and designers' work when you begin your research. Oct 27,  · I'm doing artist research at GCSE on Iain MacArthur and Salvador Dali.

I missed a year so I haven't had any proper advice or guidance on how to do much, but I'm struggling greatly with Open.

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