Indian river citrus company case

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Indian river citrus company case

With citrus groves populating a large portion of Indian River County, Florida, the need for best management practices in Indian River County Citrus Groves has been a top priority.

While several efforts have been implemented by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to help lemon, oranges and grapefruit groves stay in compliance with storm water regulations, the effects of rains, wind, and other factors have continued the problem of soil erosion in groves.

As a long term supplier of best management practices BMP and other pollution and erosion control devices, Granite Environment Inc. These products include all-natural designs that implement the use of straw, coir, and coconut fibers for a biodegradable erosion control method.

Coir is often used for areas seeking long-term stabilization and control, such as in citrus groves. The coir material is a natural product that has been created from the husks of coconuts during coconut harvesting. These by products are taken and soaked in water for extended periods of time, allowing them to increase in strength.

From this process, various types of coir materials including mattress coir fibers and coir twine are created. These materials are then weaved and packed together to form logs, rolls, wattles and blankets.

For areas dealing with soil erosion, one of the most frequently implemented products is the coir or coconut fiber mats. This erosion control matting weaves durable coir twine fibers to form a geotextile material capable of stabilizing areas and allowing vegetation to establish.

These mats are woven with different opening sizes to allow for vegetation to grow through, if desired. Stronger mats will be more tightly woven, offering a higher level of strength. Most coir erosion control mats are designed to last over a period of four to six years.

This allows enough time for vegetation to grow and take root, helping to further stabilize areas. Mats are equipped to stabilize areas with erosion, water flows, or steep slopes. Some of the strongest mats can handle flows up to sixteen feet per second 16 fps and slopes up to 1: Over time, mats will slowly biodegrade to enrich the surrounding areas.

In addition to providing natural stabilization products, Granite Environmental Inc.Where is the fruit grown? Citrus fruit thrives best in warm climates with abundant sunlight and fertile soil. States such as California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida all have mild winters and humid summers, which are ideal environments for growing.

Indian river citrus company case

Florida growers produce their fruit along the Indian River in the mid-southern parts of Florida. Eligibility for Reduced Medical Fees What is Eligibility? The Florida Department of Health in Indian River County (DOH-Indian River) strives to help fill the need for affordable, quality health care to residents in Indian River County by providing medical services to the uninsured and underinsured.

The Indian River Solar Energy Center, for example, formerly was an orange grove that suffered from citrus greening. "The farmers were looking to get out. They can’t do anything else with the.

2018/2019 Florida Citrus Season

Indian River Direct, Vero Beach, Florida. 20K likes. Expect to receive the very best from our world renowned citrus groves, bought to your direct from. In tandem with our other citrus or gourmet foods, or simply on its own, our florida grapefruit is always a perfect (and healthful) gift.

Rich in antioxidants and fiber, a grapefruit gift basket is a super-nutritious choice, appropriate for any occasion. Indian River Citrus Company is a leading producer of fresh, frozen, and made-from-concentrate citrus drinks. The firm was founded in by Matthew Stewart, a navy veteran who settled in. | WILLOWBROOKE COURT AT INDIAN RIVER ESTATES Facility Profile