Nail and creative acrylic nails

Newsletter The difference between Acrylic, Gel and Shellac Nails When you go beyond the basic manicure you have many options, and it can get confusing to know which one you want.

Nail and creative acrylic nails

Red has so many different nail designs. It can be both traditional and trendy, innocent and dangerous. Red never has this problem.

With basic red nails, there are two questions you need to ask yourself. Bright cherry reds are great for summer and the holidays.

Dark wine reds and oxblood are good for dramatic impacts like formal events and winter manicures. A long stiletto manicure is perfect for your front row tickets to the concert of the year.

A coffin style nail is trendy, but solid red helps it transition from day to night. When you start adding nail art designs, red becomes even more versatile.

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Accent nails look great with a splash of white. Glitter and red are absolutely made for each other. There are just so many different nail designs. Are you a nail addict? Do you Nail and creative acrylic nails nail ideas?

There are manicure types for everyone and the perfect nails for you for spring all the way through the holidays. Paint half-moons at the base of the nail with gold polish.

Choose one with a small grain glitter finish for a light-catching flourish. It goes from the boardroom to the dance floor with no trouble. Keep them medium length for impact. Girls headed to class with a flouncy ponytail and high style?

These nails recall an era of sporty high fashion and preppy innocence. Use a high gloss red base coat with pink and white stripes, just like those prep school sweaters. Take it to the next level by filing the tips to a point for high drama and eye-catching fashion.

Long square acrylic nails are back in fashion, and these are a show-stopping nail design.

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They take advantage of the square acrylic nail trend without going too extreme. Paint half your nails with your favorite red and the other half with a neutral or clear coat.

Nail and creative acrylic nails

On top of the clear coat, use a combination of small and super chunky glitter on the tips for an eye-catching surprise. Classic, mid-length nails get a little pop of color on an accent nail.

Paint a Grecian olive leaf design on the ring fingernail with solid gold paint or polish.

Shiny Black Acrylic Nails Worth Trying

The longest of long square nail complements the high gloss, cherry red. This style is excellent for all your studded jewelry, black leather, and sky-high stilettos. These rounded, medium length nails bring those classic 50s cocktail dresses to mind. Use long red pointed nails as the perfect accent to for a Burberry tweed inspired look.

Use a natural almond base for shimmery red with black and white stripes. The ultra-luxe cashmere scarf of manicure designs.

Take it to the extreme with this ultra-long manicure. Red provides the perfect base for this bold design choice. Pair it with some gold accent rings for a fun weekend look or go ultra minimal for a black tie affair. Use an ultra-shiny gold polish for a half moon shape at the base of the nail.Source: haha_nails_ via Instagram Gorgeous Glitter Accents for Black Nails.

Gorgeous glitter accents for black nails will make you look like the queen of a party.

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For those who prefer glitter polish, it is a perfect way of adding some oomph to the acrylic nail art. It’s only used to be painted on the Natural nail, Hard Gel nails or on Acrylic nails. But, just like the Acrylic, it can be soaked off in acetone for 15 mins.

♥ Shellac is a BRAND NAME, I repeat, it’s a BRAND NAME created by Creative Nail Design (CND). So, for example, OPI Gel polish, Essie etc is like Shellac. Acrylic nail extensions will only become hard when exposed to air, and when this happens and the process is complete the nails become a strong and glossy base that is a fantastic for colour application.

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