Read write and think biocube lighting

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Read write and think biocube lighting

Do you think the Elegance dying could have created that or a chemical. Please keep us posted on how it goes. I came to the conclusion that if I didn't put powerheads on it with SPS lighting intensity I would be the success story!

read write and think biocube lighting

I've had my coral about a week, and it has stubby tentacles and looks bloated. I don't know if it is doomed at this point.

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It is a 7' long, 24" deep, 24" wide tank. I have a 48" Orbit led by Current and two 48" 54watt t5s I have the t5s only on 6 hours. These are centered leaving the sides of the tank to be left dimmer. I placed the Elegance in the brighter part of the dim section of the tank I hope this makes sense.

Is it possibly getting too much light? I have attached a picture. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Alyssa Sent from my Sprint Phone. Worried about or Elegance Coral; no data, rdg.

Over night we have what appears the disintegration of the center section of our elegance coral see picture attached.

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Is it the positioning, an infection or something else altogether. Should we be concerned about our other corals if it is indeed an infection, we obviously don't want our other corals to suffer a similar fate.

Thank you so much in advance! It's fantastic and super helpful in this hobby. There are "stands" of this species from shallower tens of feet depths, but most in the last several years have been collected from several tens of feet Tonight it closed up and I noticed three circular dents in the skeleton, which indented into the fleshy part of the coral.

I noticed one of this dents when I placed it in the tank, but I thought they were empty and harmless misshapes in the rock.

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The elegance seems to have grown around them, despite the animal being an entire cone itself, not fragmented off a reef. What are you thoughts? It's more a tube worm facing up out of the skeleton rather than the small worm like filaments that are actually mesenterial But I could easily be wrong haha.

I think I might made a boo boo.Coralife LED BioCube The LED BioCube kits have been improved to include LED lighting and timer capabilities, taking it to the next level of all-inclusive aquariums. Coralife Biocube, Size 14 -- Read more at the image link.

Find this Pin and more on AQUARIUM by S.. The Coralife BioCube 29 & 14 Gallon Aquarium are all-inclusive aquariums setup for both freshwater and saltwater hobbyist. Jun 16,  · If you want to start a new thread, we can get this figured out. With the people who have come onto the scene since the biocube generation (about the time that Nemo got hot), people just know media and reactors and not really biology and chemistry.

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