The new experiences in amsterdam last summer

We live nearby and love exploring Antwerp with our children. This great city never disappoints. There are more family-friendly things to do in Antwerp than you might think. With a few recent family-friendly additions, as well as many seasonal events, Antwerp has a lot more to offer to traveling families than ever before.

The new experiences in amsterdam last summer

The latter territory was placed in under this jurisdiction by the Holy See because the facilities of access were best from New York; it formerly belonged to the Diocese of Charleston.

All these, inmade up the territory of the original diocese. The first division took place 23 April,when the creation of the Diocese of Albany and Buffalo cut off the northern and western sections of the State; and the second, inwhen Brooklyn and Newark were erected into separate sees.

New York is now the largest see in population, and the most important in influence and material prosperity of all the ecclesiastical divisions of the Church in Continental United States.

Colonial period Nearly a century before Henry Hudson sailed up the great river that bears his name, the Catholic navigators Verrazano and Gomez, had guided their ships along its shores and placed it under the patronage of St.


The Calvinistic Hollanders, to whom Hudson gave this foundation for a new colony, manifested their loyalty to their state Church by ordaining that in New Netherlands the "Reformed Christian religion according to the doctrines of the Synod of Dordrecht" should be dominant.

It is probable, but not certain, that there were priests with Verrazano and Gomez, and that from a Catholic altar went up the first prayer uttered on the site of the present great metropolis of the New World. While public worship by Catholics was not tolerated, the generosity of the Dutch governor, William Kieft, and the people of New Amsterdam to the Jesuit martyrFather Isaac Joguesinand after him, to his brother JesuitsFathers Bressani and Le Moynemust be recognized to their everlasting credit.

Father Jogues was the first priest to traverse the State of New York ; the first to minister within the limits of the Diocese of New York. When he reached Manhattan Island, after his rescue from captivity in the summer ofhe found there two Catholicsa young Irishman and a Portuguese womanwhose confessions he heard.

In the same year another JesuitFather Simon Le Moynejourneyed down the river to New Amsterdam, as we learn from a letter sent by the Dutch preacher, Megapolensis a renegade Catholicto the Classis at Amsterdamtelling them that the Jesuit had visited Manhattan "on account of the Papists residing here, and especially for the accommodation of the French sailors, who are Papists and who have arrived here with a good prize.

Twenty years later, the Catholic governor, Thomas Dongannot only fostered his own faithbut enacted the first law passed in New York establishing religious liberty.

It is believed that the first Mass said on the island 30 October, was in a chapel he opened about where the custom house now stands.

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Of this Jacob Leisler, the fanatical usurper of the government, wrote to the Governor of Bostonin August, In spite of them, however, during the years that followed a few scattered representatives of the Faith drifted in and settled down unobtrusively. To minister to them there came now and then from Philadelphia a zealous German Jesuit missionary, Father Ferdinand Steinmayerwho was commonly called "Father Farmer".

Gathering them together, he said Mass in the house of a German fellow-countryman in Wall Street, in a loft in Water Street, and wherever else they could find accommodation. Then came the Revolution, and in this connexion, owing to one of the prominent political issues of the time, the spirit of the leading colonists was intensely anti-Catholic.

When the war ended, and the president and Congress resided in New York, the Catholic representatives of FranceSpainPortugalwith Charles Carroll, his cousin Daniel, and Thomas Fitz Simmons, Catholic members of Congress, and officers and soldiers of the foreign contingent, merchants and others, soon made up a respectable congregation.

Through efforts led by the French consul, Hector St. An unexpired lease of lots at Barclay and Church streets was bought from the trustees of Trinity church, Thomas Stoughton, the Spanish Consul-general, and his partner Dominick Lynch, advancing the purchase money, one thousand pounds, and there on 5 Oct.

The church was opened 4 Nov. The first resident pastor was Father Whelan, who, however, was forced to retire owing to the hostility of the trustees and of another Capuchinthe Rev. Andrew Nugent, before the Church was opened. He had as his assistants Fathers John Connell and Nicholas Burke, and, in his efforts to aid the establishment of the church, went as far as the City of Mexico to collect funds there under the auspices of his old schoolfellow, the archbishop of that see.

In he established the parish schoolwhich has since been carried on without interruption. John Byrne, and the Rev. Michael Hurley, an Augustinian, were, during this period, assistants at St. In July,the Rev. Louis Sibourd, a French priestwas made pastorbut he left in the following year, and then the famous JesuitAnthony Kohlmanwas sent to take charge.

Creation of the diocese We have a picture of the situation in New York when the first bishop was named: Bishop Carroll has thought proper to send me in the capacity of rector of this immense congregation and Vicar General of this diocese till the arrival of the Right Rev.

The congregation chiefly consists of Irishsome hundreds of French, and as many Germans, in all according to the common estimation, of 14, souls. Fenwick, a young Father of our societydistinguished for his learning and pietyhas been sent along with me.

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All men seem to revive at the very name of the Society of Jesusthough yet little known in this part of the country. The college is in the centre not of Long Island but of the Island of New York, the most delightful and most healthy spot of the whole island, at a distance of four small miles from the city, and of half a mile from the East and North rivers, both of which are seen from the house; situated between two roads which are very much frequented, opposite to the botanic gardens which belong to the State.

It has adjacent to it a beautiful lawn, garden, orchard, etc. We can judge from the family names on the register of St. There were enough Germans in to think themselves entitled to a church and pastor of their own nationality, for on 2 March of that year Christopher Briehill, John Kneringer, George Jacob, Martin Nieder, and Francis Werneken signed a petition which they sent to Bishop Carroll praying him "to send us a pastor who is capable of undertaking the spiritual Care of our Souls in the German Languagewhich is our Mother Tongue.

Many of us do not know any English at all, and these who have some knowledge of it are not well enough versed in the English Language as to attend Divine Service with any utility to themselves.

As we have not yet a place of worship of our own, we have made application to the Trustees of the English Catholic Church in this city to grant us permission to perform our worship in the German Language in their church at such times as not to interfere with their regular services.

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The new experiences in amsterdam last summer

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