Thesis on investment decision

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Thesis on investment decision

The initial investment evaluation can happen very quickly, but the entire process may take several months or even a year or more. Then, as more information is gathered, the firm conducts due diligence, creates and develops very detailed financial models, and evaluates the pros and cons of the opportunity prior to final approval and execution of the transaction.

Sourcing of an Investment Opportunity Sourcing for investment opportunities can be difficult and grueling, but it is an essential skill one needs if aspiring to have a successful career in the PE industry. Other sources include meeting with various companies, company screens through databases for specific criteria, industry conferences, and conversations with industry consultants and experts.

Opportunities sourced through any of these means is referred to as proprietary sourcing—i. Another common way to receive potential investment opportunities is through a financial intermediary, such as an investment banker.

Companies often hire investment banks to sell businesses via Confidential Information Memorandums CIMswhich are distributed to potential acquirers, possibly including both financial sponsors private equity firms and strategic buyers.

Thesis on investment decision

This is typically characterized as a public auction. Investment Process up to Signing This section will look at how a typical PE investment process works. Even though the general aspects of the process are the same across various firms, the details can vary widely depending on how the investment opportunity was sourced proprietary sourced vs.

The larger the firm, the more formalized the investment committee process will be and the higher the probability that public auctions will be used. Conversely, growth equity firms tend to work on more proprietary-sourced deals where they have less competition and are dealing more directly with management.


Growth equity firms also have less formalized investment committee processes because there are typically fewer partners in the firm, thereby requiring less work to build consensus among the partners before the investment can be made.

In a public auction, investment bankers will often send out teasers, which are page summaries about the company up for sale. In a proprietary-sourced opportunity, investment teams will often sign an NDA directly with the target company in order to receive some confidential information regarding the company from management.

At this stage, the investment teams will perform some initial due diligence to better understand the company. At the same time, the investment team may start reaching out to investment banks to hear their thoughts on the company and understand how much debt financing and what type would be available for an acquisition of this company.

The management team will present an overview of the company while the deal team is allowed to ask them questions about their business. In order to prepare for the management presentation, the investment team will create an initial due diligence question list similar to questions discussed in the Commercial Due Diligence section.

Deal Alert first review with Investment Committee: The first Investment Committee meeting can have a variety of different purposes, depending on the PE firm.

If approved, the investment would proceed into further diligence and discussions with the target company and its investment bankers.

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At this point, the investment team may present the target company with a non-binding LOI for the transaction on certain criteria that have been shared with the investment team. At this point, the target company and its investment banking advisors will generally choose a few bidders to move on to the next round in the auction process.

Further due diligence with management: The target company will begin providing more detailed confidential information in what is typically referred to as a virtual dataroom to the bidders that proceed beyond the first round. At this point, private equity firms will begin reviewing all of the relevant dataroom files and start to get more specific, detailed questions to the management team.

Follow-up due diligence calls will be held through the supervision of the investment bankers with specific members of the executive and non-executive management team. Also, based on the dataroom files, the deal team will start brainstorming the critical issues that they will often hire third-party consultants to help investigate.

Building an Internal Operating Model: After having detailed conversations with the management team on all of the main drivers behind the business, the investment team will start building a detailed operating model for the business based on reasonable forecast assumptions.All Esade events around the world.

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The Investment Behavior, Decision Factors and Their Effects Toward Investment Performance in the Taiwan Stock Market Yu-Je Lee, Dept.

What is an 'Investment Thesis'

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