Western neighborhoods project

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Western neighborhoods project

Location Western Neighborhoods Project, Geary Boulevard The Western Neighborhoods Project is an all-volunteer nonprofit group that gathers historical information about San Francisco's outer neighborhoods.

By collecting photos and personal accounts of what life was like in these "Outside Lands," WNP members say they're working to create a tighter-knit community.

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Gallagher and a volunteer at work. Eager to return to his hometown, LaBounty approached Gallagher with the idea of creating a neighborhood community history site.

Western neighborhoods project

Volunteers post original articles, retouch photos, produce a podcast and maintain message boards, in addition to creating events where people can come together to explore local history. Memorabilia at the office. She is now the collections manager, registrar and a board member.

According to Gallagher, "one of the nice things about the Sunset and Richmond districts is that you can find people who were the first owners and have seen the city change a lot over time.

We have a lot of contributors who've seen the city change in huge ways. It turns out to be a big project. Gallagher and Meldahl at work. Photo by Walter Thompson.

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Gallagher has also created a private site for WNP member-curators who are reviewing the newly-acquired collection and adding crowdsourced captions and locations. The collection includes glass-plate negatives, which means even the oldest images retain their pristine quality. Once curators are finished, "there'll be a new site that shows off this amazing collection," said Gallagher.

Sutro courtesy Dennis O'Rorke, WNP "We're applying for grants because we really do need funding to pay for some of the amazing hard-working people here, and also to pay for supplies," Meldahl said.

Never miss a story. Subscribe today to get Hoodline delivered straight to your inbox.The city of Round Rock and the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control & Improvement District have identified two areas to build two dams— and —upstream from homes in the flood plain.

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Sep 27,  · L ARCH Neighborhood Design Studio (, max. 6) Studio at neighborhood and site scales, mixed use. Incorporates urban design theory, precedents, neighborhood/project issues, and community clients. Nextdoor is the free private social network for your neighborhood community.

Neighborhood Index Map A small map of the City showing the boundaries of all 13 neighborhoods and listing their names. Learn more about the neighborhoods of Cambridge.


After a year and half of public meetings, this was the first time a group spoke out against improvements in their own neighborhood. Plus the council approved the project in December 8 to 1.

Western neighborhoods project

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