Write a c program of singly linked list

If the space reserved for the dynamic array is exceeded, it is reallocated and possibly copied, which is an expensive operation. Linked lists have several advantages over dynamic arrays.

Write a c program of singly linked list

Harris Butt 2 months ago Why are you making a cur and per node dynamically Instead you can take two node type pointers in insert-position function… what are their purpose they remain empty after a new node is inserted between them and what happen to the nodes which are present at the place of cur and pre…??

Reply Jaimie 5 months ago This tutorial is rather sloppy. I recommend against using this tutorial. This is not wrong per se, but it does fail to illustrate what happens when inserting in the middle of the list.

If this is followed by a call to createnode, the program crashes, due to the questionable choice of logic in createnode.

It leaves the tail pointer dangling potential crash if the list had exactly one element before the deletion. It leaves the head pointer dangling potential crash if the list had exactly one element before the deletion.

It crashes if pos is greater than the list length. I count nine distinct memory leaks in the seven functions presented, and that ignores the leak from the lack of a destructor.

Reply Blank 5 months ago First of all the tutorials do not include error checking because they are out of scope from what its thought the concepts. I suspect you are looking for an all in one answer in implementing a link list instead of understanding how each method works.

Methods that are used to delete at the beginning are already implemented by delete first or insert first. Instead, the methods implemented are use to delete and insert nodes at N position by traversing through the link list, which is why the loops start from 1.

Your argument on the tail pointer being updated on insert start is invalid. Because there is no reason for a tail pointer to be updated if you add a node to the front, only the head pointer is needed to change because the head pointer is meant to keep track of the front of the list and tail pointer to the back of the list.

Exception - How can I safely create a nested directory in Python? - Stack Overflow

If you update the tail pointer, your program will lose track of the back of the node, which does not point at the end of the list anymore. Your delete first and delete the last argument, failing on an empty list can be easily done by having an exception thrown if a list is empty.

Exception handling is meant to be done by us programmers and not tutorials. You are missing the point of the tutorial teaching the concepts of how link list work and not error proofing the link list, that will make the tutorial out of scope. If you do not want to look stupid.

Learn how things work before making assumption about things. What you are describing is an incomplete tutorial, which should still acknowledge where it is incomplete. Furthermore, even an incomplete tutorial should not contain such basic errors as the gratuitous memory leaks in most of the functions eight of the nine leaks I mentioned are gratuitous in that the code goes out of its way to allocate memory that is never freed.

If this is supposed to be just an introduction to how a linked list operates, maybe it should skip the code snippets completely.This code seems very uncertain about itself. Lot of needless assignments, memset() calls, complicated logic.

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There's no point in limiting the amount you try to read. Always read as much as you have buffer space for; if there's less data available, you will get less.

write a c program of singly linked list

A linked list whose nodes contain two fields: an integer value and a link to the next node. The last node is linked to a terminator used to signify the end of the list. What is the most elegant way to check if the directory a file is going to be written to exists, and if not, create the directory using Python?

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write a c program of singly linked list

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